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Jokilaaksojen pelastuslaitos

Jokilaaksojen pelastuslaitos is one the 22 regional rescue service departments in Finland. Our area of operation covers 17 municipalities in the southern part of Northern Ostrobothnia.

Our website will provide you with more detailed information regarding our operations. If you are unable to find information about a specific rescue-related matter on our website, do not hesitate to contact us. We are at your service.

The Rescue Service Department’s vision

Everyday risks under control through anticipation and collaboration.

Service concept and basic duties

In order to realise its vision, the rescue service department produces its services in accordance with regulations and agreements in a way that is as high-quality, efficient and economical as possible:

  •  by maintaining rescue operation readiness in all safety situations in case of accidents or threats,
  •  by actively carrying out work to prevent accidents,
  •  by acting as a readiness planning and preparation expert in its area,
  •  by delivering first aid services based on separate agreements and
  •  by collaborating with the residents, communities and authorities of the area.

The starting point for producing and developing services is the utilisation and development of the personnel’s know-how in accordance with the ‘Osaava Jokilaakso’ model and preserving flexibility in a rapidly changing operating environment. The services are implemented by utilising and supporting contract fire department operations in the area and with co-operation networks.

The Rescue Service Department can also take up other duties when operationally and financially justified without compromising its legally prescribed duties.

Instructions and forms

The instructions provided on our website are general in nature and are not always suitable for special situations as such. If you would like more detailed guidance and instructions regarding matters such as the personal and fire safety of buildings, please contact the rescue officers of our fire department operating in your municipality. You can find their contact information on this website. Our website also provides various instructions and forms you may need when interacting with a rescue officer of our department.

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